Trainees’ Thought

Trainees' Thought

Marie Chantal KABAHIRE
25 years old

27 years old

Picture:left-Marie Chantal, right-Liliose

◆Marie Chantal KABAHIRE
Before joining REBORN KYOTO training, I collected cement bags to make envelops from them. But income was pretty low, and even I fell sick from the remaining cement dusts.
So I applied REBORN KYOTO training to obtain good skills.

I don’t have any sewing experiences before. I have husband and 5 years old daughter. I said husband but actually we are not officially married.

Later, I found he has another woman. And he told me that since I didn’t have any property and good income, there was no advantage for him to get married to me. He is casual construction laborer, but these three months, he has no job. Even though he had job, all income have been changed to his alcohols. The reason still I’m living with him is I cannot afford to rent my house with my daughter. The house I’m living now is his own house so I and my child can live free.

After achieving economical independence, I want to leave here to live with only my daughter.

I’m living with my younger sister who is university student.
In my hometown I have 12 members family. I attended University to study accounting. But as I could not pay tuition, I quit in one year.

I was doing hair dressing personally, but the income was not stable.
After finishing training, I want to buy a manual pedal machine to start sewing job independently.

I appreciate REBORN KYOTO for teaching me good skills. If I succeed some day and saved enough money, I want to study at University again.

34 years old

Picture:center in front-Emma Marie

I’m living with 11 years old daughter. I divorced when she was 1 year old.

I borrowed manual pedal machine and worked beside road to sew. But recently, there were no sewing job. So I polished furniture and sold used clothes.

Currently, in the morning, I attend REBORN KYOTO training, and in the afternoon, I’m selling plastic shoes in town.

After saving money, I want to buy a pedal machine to make and sell my own clothes not used ones.

Angelique WIHOGORA
30 years old

I have three brothers and one young sister who are living at East Province. After our parents were killed in Genocide in 1994, we were passed around from relative to relative.

I worked as receptionist at guest house for 3 years, but after that I have been unemployed.

I want to obtain good skill through REBORN KYOTO training, and it would be nice if I could work with that skill.

I appreciate REBORN KYOTO tuition free training. This is very helpful for Rwandan youth who are suffering economically.

34 years old

I have husband and 4 children. Before joining REBORN KYOTO training, I was making beaded accessories. I have 4 years manual pedal machine experiences.

The biggest difference between Rwandan tailoring and REBORN KYOTO tailoring is pattern matching and taking care of grain line.

I appreciate that I can learn high level cloth fabrication skill free. In the future, I expect to have a job at big sewing company in Rwanda.

32 years old

I have husband and two sons. I learned dressmaking 10 years ago. Then, I rented a pedal sewing machine at local market, and made Rwandan traditional women’s shirts.

However, in recent years, there was no dressmaking job. I only had cutting job of uniform cloth once a year by personal introduction. Though I have not touched sewing machine more than one year, it was so lucky to be selected as one of the REBORN KYOTO trainees.

The dressmaking method of Rwandan tailors and REBORN KYOTO is completely different. In Rwanda, normally tailors do not use a pattern, however REBORN KYOTO uses a pattern with accurate measurement.

I have not taken care whether seams are straight or not, but in REBORN KYOTO training, I am learning how it is important to sew straight. I am surprised by the quality differences of finished products. After I complete REBORN KYOTO training, I want to continue sewing without leaving sewing machine.

Protegene HABINEZA
26 years old

My family members are total 11 such as father, mother, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. My parents grow tomatoes, onions and cabbages. My brother is car mechanic and student.

Before joining REBORN KYOTO cloth fabrication training, I was a secondary school student especially studying mathematics, economy and geology. After graduating secondary school, I wanted to attend National University of Rwanda, but I could not afford to go.

After completing REBORN KYOTO training, I would like to be an independent tailor, then work hard to save money. Though it’s impossible to enter University of Rwanda as I have missed the timing of its examination, someday I would like to study management at private university while keeping tailoring.

Clarisse UMUHOZA
21 years old

When the genocide occurred 20 years ago, I was a baby, so I don’t have any memory about my father, my mother and my family. But I heard all my family were killed at that time.

When I was left an orphan, I was taken care of by foster family. When I became 15 years old, I left the foster family and started working as live-in maid (house girl).
I’m now working as live-in maid in the morning and evening, and attending training every afternoon.

I appreciate that REBORN KYOTO gave me the opportunity to learn how to make garments. I will learn in patience in order to change and improve my life.

34 years old

Before joining REBORN KYOTO project, I grew vegetables such as cabbages and carrots, and sold at local market in South province.

During the genocide in 1994, I lost my father, four brothers and three sisters, so I lived with my mother and two younger sisters who survived. Since our lives were hard, I came to Kigali this year, and started working as live-in maid (house girl), then I heard about REBONR KYOTO project.

And now, I’m attending REBORN KYOTO cloth fabrication training in the morning and working as house girl in the afternoon. Though I don’t have any sewing experiences before, I would like to learn many sewing skills. And in the future, I want to buy a sewing machine to work independently.

Epiphany Uineza
35 years old
Widow with two daughters

When I was at secondary school (same as junior and senior high school in Japan), I lost my parents and four brothers by Genocide in 1994.I was an only person who survived in my family.

After that, I got married. But the happiness didn’t last. My husband was a solder and died at the front. I was devastated by the loss of my husband as I had two young daughters. I quit my school in order to raise my children. I was terribly depressed without hope and laughing. And it was just when I found REBORN KYOTO cloth fabrication training. As I had a pedal sewing machine, I felt that I would be able to use it for my working if I could participate the training.

And now, I am nearly completing the training, and I feel confidence in myself that I can support my family. Because the skills which I learnt from REBORN KYOTO bolster me to be economically independent.

Franscene Usanase
28 years old

In 2008, I graduated from secondary school. I wanted to go to college, but I didn’t as I lose my parents when I was young and I had responsibility to raise young two brothers and three sisters.

Though I found job at micro finance bank, since the place of work was a long way from home, and I had to bring young brothers and sisters to bring school, I had no choice but quit the job in two years to concentrate to take care of my family.

And it was just when, I heard about REBORN KYOTO project. Now I am learning cloth fabrication. I believe that I can improve my family’s lives and live better lives in my future by the skills I learn from REBORN KYOTO.


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