Custom-Made Clothes

Custome-Made Clothes

Do you think you would like to feel your kimono and obi with your and your family’s memories more familiar to you?
Your precious kimono will be a nice casual or gorgeous dress. Obi also will be a unique bag unique for daily use.
Our cloth fabrication specialist will consult you about your requests such a design and a pattern. Please feel free to contact us.

Contact TEL: 075-213-1731 ( weekdays 10:00 to 17:00 )


We will consult and take your measurements on a face-to-face basis.
Besides, we will definitely tailor after basting and fitting to meet your requirements.

Price list (for reference)

Blouse 20,000yen〜
Skirt 20,000yen〜
Pants 20,000yen〜
Coat with lining 50,000yen〜
Coat without lining 45,000yen〜
Jacket 30,000yen〜
One-Pieace 30,000yen~
Suit 50,000yen〜
Best 15,000yen〜
Obi shoulder bag 7,000yen〜

※ The price includes the fee of unstitching and washing.
※ The price may be changed depending on the design and the pattern.
  Especially, black and white fabric will be charged a bit higher due to the difficulty of sewing.
※ One-third of the price shall be paid after fitting.

Contact TEL: 075-213-1731 ( weekdays 10:00 to 17:00 )


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