Following the last two years, REBORN KYOTO is continuously funded by the Panasonic NPO Support Fund for Africa 2016!

January 14,2016 10:56

“The Panasonic NPO Support Fund for Africa” is a program created by Panasonic to strengthen the advertising foundations for NPO/ NGOs working to solve problems in African nations.
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「Fashion Passion Innovation!」
~Spread our messages from Rwanda and Kyoto ~
Aim for the steady and active public relations
In 2014 and 2015, REBORN KYOTO focused the strength of the public relations tools through strengthening communications medium especially websites, printing medium and producing movie images to introduce our activities in order to enhance understanding of our activities. In this year, we will employ a person of public relations to maintain steady and active public relations activities, and develop them.
On coming January 21, 2016, at the grant presentation ceremony, we will receive grants in 2016. At the same time the activities of the organizations which received grant in 2015 shall be reported as well as holding a study session of public relations.
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