Wed, 20 May ~ Tue, 26 May Charity Exhibition Sale at JR Kyoto Isetan

May 02,2015 19:45

Reborn Kyoto「Ethical Fashion born in Kyoto」
Date&Hours:Wed, 20 May –  Tue, 26 May 10am – 8pm
Venue:JR Kyoto Isetan 10F Special Event Space located on the side of the escalator

This is the first exhibition for us at “Global Green Campaign”(※), JR Kyoto Isetan!!

During this sale, we will sale Kimono outfits tailored by our trainees and graduates in Rwanda, Jordan, Laos and Kyoto. In addition, many outfits made from “Gitenge” (traditional Rwandan cotton cloth) and buttons of bull’s horns will be also available.

These outfits are made by the hands of various people; Japanese people who donated Kimonos, volunteer members who prepare the materials for the training in developing countries and trainees who are working hard. They are filled with their memories, wishes and thoughts for the future. Please come to visit this sale to feel them.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Kimono One-Piece and a trainee who made it

HP用写真_リボーン・京都 (2)

Gitenge Men’s Shirs with buttons of bull’s horns


Exercise in a group


※ Ethical Fashion focuses on a socially and environmentally conscious approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing. REBORN KYOTO let Kimonos renewed as a piece of new KIMONO fabrics. They are “re-born” by hands of people in the developing countries through our instruction of cloth fabrication and textile technology. It contributes to their environment and economic empowerment.
※  “Global Green Campaign” is annual events produced by ISETAN MITSUKOSHI.


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