9/3(Wed)~9(Tues) Charity Exhibition Sale at Takashimaya Kyoto Store

August 22,2014 19:28


Link Japan to the world via fashion with smile! ~Domestic and International Cooperation though the fashion ~

Date: 9/3(Wed)~9/9(Tues)

Venue: Takashimaya Kyoto Store 7F Special Event Space, Next to Gift Salon http://www.takashimaya.co.jp/kyoto/


We are having the Charity Exhibition Sale at Takashimaya Kyoto Store will be hold in September.

We started the new project in Rwanda in July 2014 and successfully finished the 1st year last June. The 48 trainees who had even known how to use the industrial sewing machines show a remarkable growth, are now able to make the dress in 10 months, and step forward to be economically independent.

For this Charity Exhibition Sale, we prepared around 300 goods, not only Kimono outfits, but also many outfits such as casual one piece dress, men’s aloha shirts made from “Gitenge” which is traditional Rwandan cotton cloth. They are all tailored by our trainees and graduates in Rwanda, Jordan, Laos and the evacuees we are teaching in Kyoto.

During the sales, the dresses introduced in the fashion event held in NY, USA, on March 2014 will be displayed. We would like to propose you the new fashion to link Japan to the World via Fashion made from Kimono and traditional Rwandan cloth.

Your fashion interest and shopping directly contribute to the economically independent for women in the developing countries. Please come visit to our sales to find yours!!

All profit goes to dressmaking training in developing countries.

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